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Electric Mountain Bike (best seller in US&EU)

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when choosing an electric bike manufacturer in China?

– Electric Bike Manufacturer in China

1. One of the only 4 global agents of BAFANG can offer you the lowest price of motor

2.25 overseas warehouses in EU&US +1 assembly factory in Poland.Get simples 3-7 days

3.Hire educated person customer service with high salary to give you timely, professional, smart customer service.

4. More differences with other traditional factory in the table below .that is the most important form!

many electric bike manufacturer in China but Akkubici is BRAND you can trust

We apply the same production processes as Nike, Adidas, or Apple due to the professional R&D team, we offer OEM/ODM service and stock for small business owner to test market!

No shame to chasing Profit. but its shame to cut the Quality to chasing Profit!Also low quality is most often due to client demands.We do not want to be the cheapest factory.We can not bring down our quality to get advantage on price.we hope our partners grow with us in a healthy way.What we can guarantee is that you get the best quality products and the most excellent service at the fairest price

Bafang has only 4 agents worldwide, and we are one of them. We can offer the lowest price of bafang motors for you . You can earn the the most profits than others and win the market!

No need to worry about language communication barriers and comprehension; reply to your message within 6 hours; highly educated people are better able to understand your needs and provide timely and efficient services, never worry about time difference and buttress communication.

we have 25 warehouses in EU&US,Logistics company&factory in Poland,Branch Office in UK. You can get fastest after sale service (most ebike manufacturer don’t care about service especially after sale )and get products in 3-7 days.

Mindsets Decide


What is Our Mindset:
1. We prefer to Spend profits on the support our customers need instead of fancy office chairs and boss’ Porsche car
2. We will do everything to support our clients to make their business grow
3. We believe that we only succeed if our customers succeed

What is Our Behavior:
1. Hire more expensive but Professional employees to support
2. Invest money and time to set up 25 overseas warehouses
3. Set up companies and after-sale teams in Poland & UK
4. Take initiative and responsibility, even if there is a mistake

What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take our word for it

I just started importing electric bikes from china and build my website in 2019, the quantity was still small.

After I found Akkubici in Alibaba, I was surprised that they cooperate with me with electric bike dropshipping.

For people like me, their overseas warehouse is a great advantage which can let my customers receive the Ebikes in the shortest time.

electric bike distributor1Marcus from Poland , E-commence

I ordered a relatively small number of E bikes from Akkubici firstly, they are also trying to cooperate with my needs, to assist me to expand my market.

I care about after-sales services. Every time I encounter an after-sale they can always reply to me quickly and give me a solution.

I always receive items quickly from their 25 warehouses, which makes me feel satisfied. BTW, their electric bikes rarely have problems

electric bike distributor2Luke from USA , E bike Distributor

I bought an e-bike from another China e bike supplier before I found Akkubici, which was cheap. The quality was terrible.

I used to have business in 3C electronics and I know that quality and service is the most important thing for customers. Then I found Akkubici.

They were very considerate and took a video about the detail of the product. They were not in a hurry to sell their electric bikes, but to analyze the current market and how I can do it differently so that I can develop quickly in this market. This is something I appreciate!

electric bike distributor3Tom from USA, Owner

the only Electric Bike Supplier spend profits on client needs not boss fancy car

About Us

We offer OEM/ODM service. The most important thing is for people who just start or want to start their electric bike small business, we offer stocks(at least 2) for you to test the market and check the quality.

We have international standard production lines, advanced mold equipment, strict quality control. We apply the same production processes as Nike, Adidas, or Apple Computers for our customers to have the highest quality and the biggest selection of customization options with a professional R&D team.

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A Story How We Get Our Super Fan Client

He is an electric bike enthusiast, that does a YouTube electric bike channel for hobby. He orders lots of e-bikes from China to do reviews videos. The quality wasn’t what he expected, and he felt disappointed.

After he received ebikes from us, he was shocked by the exceptional quality and excitedly made a video reviewing it (the e-bike had no logo, so it wasn’t an advertisement for our company, also his channel just has 2k fans )

Unexpectedly, his video got over 12k views, which he was ecstatic about! There were even a bunch of people leaving comments asking him how to purchase one of the bikes. He’s been one of our most loyal customers since, crazy, right? But we love it!

electric bike dropshippers
chinese electric bike manufacturers
e-bike manufacturer

Yes! We are an electric bike manufacturer with 15 years of manufacturing experience in China. We have two factories in GUANGZHOU province. The production factory covers an area of 12,000 square meters and can produce about 200-300 E-bikes every day. We certainly welcome you to visit our e bikes factories anytime! More importantly, we can introduce more information about the industry to you!

Of course. We offer OEM/ODM service for electric bike China. You can make your own logo and style! Besides, we own so much data from different markets and industries. We can give you advice as well!

We offer a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. The motor warranty for the bike is 2 years, the controller is 1 year, and the battery 1 year.

OEM/ODM: 50 pcs

Dropshipping: 5 pcs

Yes, no problem. We only charge the retail price for the sample. And when you decide to order with us, the fee of simple will be considered for free. Most of the factories will charge more money which is already over the retail price of simple.

Most of our customers use L/C to pay, because this is the most secure and safe way for you. It will be acceptable if you have a new way to pay as well!

Want to Import Electric Bikes from China?

Choosing an electric bike manufacturer is like choosing a marriage partner.
You need to take time to observe many details- personality, value, mindset, etc. Contact us to get to know each other now!

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